Investment Philosophy and Competitive Advantage

Investment Philosophy

Crossover is a value oriented investor in the healthcare sector that seeks to discover the next generation of market leading companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and healthcare services industries in Asia and the Emerging Markets. Crossover believes that the healthcare market remains more fragmented than many other global industries, with a combination of growth through domestic demand and expansion through export to developed markets. Crossover’s focus on multiple sub sectors within healthcare, deep understanding of the Western healthcare marketplace, and specialized healthcare investment focus, position the Funds to identify and capitalize on many opportunities in Asia and the Emerging Markets that are overlooked by local competitors who are predominantly generalists.

Competitive Advantage

The Crossover approach to healthcare investing in Asian and emerging markets is unique for the region. The team’s sector specialization creates a competitive advantage relative to regional generalists.

The research platform spanning the entire capital structure furthers the competitive advantage. The lack of specialist healthcare investors targeting Asian and emerging markets creates an opportunity for the Program to benefit from first mover advantage, a less competitive deal sourcing environment, and inefficiencies caused by generalist investors in the sector.